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Mama Mellace's - AlmondWe use only California Almonds that are naturally cholesterol and trans fat free.

Mama Mellace's - CashewA one-ounce serving of cashews contains 18 nuts.

Mama Mellace's - PistachioFifty-five percent of the fat in pistachios is monounsaturated fat.

Mama Mellace's - AlmondAlmonds are a good source of fiber, copper, phosphorous, and riboflavin.

Mama Mellace's - PistachioA one-ounce serving of pistachios, with 49 kernels and 160 calories, gives you more than 30 different vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.

Mama Mellace's - AlmondAlmonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese.

Mama Mellace's - AlmondA one-ounce serving of almonds includes 23 nuts.

Mama Mellace's - CashewCashews are an excellent source of copper.

Mama Mellace's - CashewCashews are a good source of Vitamin K.

Mama Mellace's - PistachioPistachios can provide about 12% of the recommended daily value of fiber.

Mama Mellace's - PistachioForty-nine pistachio kernels make up a one-ounce serving.

Mama Mellace's - AlmondAlmonds are high in fiber making them a great snack between meals to help keep you full..

Mama Mellace's - PistachioPistachios are packed with antioxidants! Per serving, they have more antioxidants than green tea.


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